The ten most fascinating Loch Ness Monster’sightings’ captured on video in 2022

Following the outbreak, the Loch Ness Monster has been spotted many times in the Highlands, with fresh camera footage showing a big hump and then two humps emerging from the water.

The mysterious creature caught on camera in 2002

The mysterious creature caught on camera in 2002 (Image: Roy Johnston/REX/Shutterstock)

Loch Ness Monster fans have been kept on their toes throughout 2022 which brought streams of possible sightings.

Aficionados have pored over hundreds of photos and videos of mysterious movements captured within the Scottish waters of Loch Ness.

While not every sighting made it onto the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, they are all worth considering.

So far, the website has recorded 1,143 so-called sightings of the mythical beast and 10 webcam images taken from 2021 onwards.

With the start of a new year, here are 10 of the most interesting sightings of the Loss Ness Monster recorded in 2022.

1. First Loch Ness Monster sighting after three month drought

A Loch Ness Monster hunter reported the first official sighting of the beast in March 2022 after three months of no recordings, reports the Daily Record.

Eoin O’Faodhagain saw what he described as two objects moving in parallel to one another on the surface of the water.

The veteran Nessie hunter regularly records sightings via the Loch Ness webcam and shared his footage from March which was later marked up on the official online register.

The loch is located near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands

The loch is located near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands ( Image: Getty Images)

2. Tourist captures Nessie on sonar 400ft below surface

The second official sighting of the Loch Ness Monster was reported by a tourist claiming he captured the creature on sonar.

Tom Ingram was baffled when he saw something “big” come up on the sonar of a tourist boat which he first thought was a prank by the crew.

But he later realised it was real and showed something lurking more than 400ft under the water’s surface.

Loch Ness sonar contact

Loch Ness sonar contact

3. Longterm Highland resident stunned by sighting

In April, a resident local to the loch told of his disbelief when he saw what he believed to be the Loch Ness Monster through his binoculars.

Glen Blevins said he had never seen anything like it despite living near the loch for more than three decades.

He described what he saw as a large object in the water

He saw a large object in the loch when looking through his binoculars, commenting: “I was near Aldourie Castle on Friday 15th April, working on the banks of the loch when I saw a large animate [sic] object in the water between both banks of the loch at approx 9.30 am.”

A couple spotted the so-called monster on holiday in the third sighting of the year

A couple spotted the so-called monster on holiday in the third sighting of the year ( Image: ReachPLC)

4. ‘Best footage captured for 20 years’

April was an exciting month for Nessie hunters, with the ‘best footage captured for 20 years’ being captured by a couple on holiday at a nearby cottage.

The pair filmed the astonishing video at around 6am on April 25 which was accepted as the fourth official clip on the register in 2022.

It was described as capturing a creature “too big for birds” and with two humps that were “too small for the classic two hump shape of the Loch Ness Monster.”

5. Veteran webcam expert spots two large humps

Eoin O Faodhagain captured another mysterious sighting in May showing a large creature coming in and out of the water.

The webcam clip was filmed around 500 metres from the shoreline at Urquhart Castle and lasted for more than a minute.

A large hump and then two humps can be seen as the object rises high out of the water before disappearing under the flat surface of the water.

Many believe Nessie to be long and thin with a tail and snake-like head, usually green and with black humps

Many believe Nessie to be long and thin with a tail and snake-like head ( Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF)

They say Nessie is usually green and with black humps

They say Nessie is usually green and with black humps ( Image: The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register)

6. Making waves in the summer

After another quiet few months, Nessie supposedly made another appearance towards the end of the summer when a resident spotted movement against the current for more than seven minutes.

This marked the first approved sighting since April, according to the official website.

7. ‘Giant eel-like shapes’ on webcams

In September, Eoin O’Fagan captured another two clips of the Highlands monster.

Taken on newly installed webcams, the footage shows two ‘giant eel-like shapes’ moving on the surface of Loch Ness.

The cameras were installed around the shores of the loch to help people try to get proof of the existence of the monster.

Online Nessie spotter Eoin O'Fagan caught the 'first sightings' of Nessie with new webcams

Online Nessie spotter Eoin O’Fagan caught the ‘first sightings’ of Nessie with new webcams ( Image: Eoin O’Fagan WS)

8. Nessie spotted by birdwatcher

Jamie Houghton was bird-watching at Loch Long when he spotted an unusual object in the water.

The insurance broker, from Derbyshire, saw a strange creature that led him wondering whether Nessie had decided to take a holiday up to Argyll.

This area of the loch is located near holiday lodges where Nessie was supposedly filmed in June.

The monster sighting was filmed by a mum and daughter in October

The monster sighting was filmed by a mum and daughter in October ( Image: The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register)

9. Mum and daughter film black lump

The photo of a mysterious black lump emerged in October, filmed by a mum and daughter exploring Loch Ness on foot.

It was recorded in October as the sixth official sighting of 2022 following another break in terms of appearances.

10. Veteran hunter captures long black shape

Eoin O’Faodhagain once again spotted something suspicious in October after he managed to take a photo of a long black elongated shape on the surface of the loch.

Though the images were barred from the Official Register, Eoin was still keen to share the latest snap.

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