Stussy’s Connection to MADS, Explained

Stussy’s connection to MADS looks like it’ll play a big role going forward in One Piece. Here’s a closer look at what’s going on.

After a week’s hiatus, One Piece returned with another fantastic chapter. The previous chapter ended on a cliffhanger as Lucci attacked Sentomaru and left him in a pool of his own blood. In One Piece chapter 1070, it was finally revealed that Sentomaru had managed to block out some of the damage. Lucci attempted to finish off Sentomaru, but Luffy stepped in to protect the Marine. Before Luffy could end the fight completely, the former realized that his Gear Fifth was about to run out, so he had to regroup with Jimbei and Chopper.

With Luffy gone, Sentomaru was knocked out by Lucci, returning command of the Seraphim to CP0. Toward the end of the chapter, fans finally saw Admiral Kizaru. Overall, the chapter was outstanding, but there was one major detail that many fans missed from the cover story. Most of the time, fans tend to overlook the cover story and instead focus on meticulously reading the chapter. This time, the cover story had an important piece of information that confirmed the suspicions that some fans previously had about Stussy.

Stussy & MADS

The cover story of Chapter 1070 featured the five leading members of MADS. From left to right, the characters can easily be identified as Queen, Caesar, Vegapunk, and Vinsmoke Judge. The fifth character is turned the other way, so her face cannot be identified; however, by joining a few dots together, it becomes a lot easier to recognize the character in the picture. The character is none other than Stussy. She can be seen wearing a hat, which is a habit that she’s carried on.

Aside from her obvious silhouette, there have been many other instances that make it extremely easy to form a connection between Stussy and MADS. In chapter 1068, Stussy told Lucci that she hadn’t visited Egghead Island in a while. Then she pointed out the laser defense system that Vegapunk had installed on the island. Finally, she was able to recognize Atlas as one of the Vegapunk’s bodies.

Another hint about Stussy’s past is her interaction with Du Feld on Whole Cake Island. Stussy mentioned that Pudding’s beauty reminded her of a younger version of herself. Du Feld responded by saying, “How many decades ago?” Du Feld has been revealed as the financier of MADS, so it makes sense how he would know about Stussy’s previous appearance. This raises another question about Stussy and how she has managed to stay young even after all these years. The easiest explanation would be that she ate a devil fruit, which allows her to slow down the aging process. Or, maybe she could have created a serum that has helped her to reverse those signs. Considering she was a member of MADS and has a fierce reputation within the Underworld, it shouldn’t be a problem for Stussy to achieve either of the two things. Fans will definitely be waiting to see how she has not aged like the other MADS members.

How does This Affect The Story?

Stussy’s knowledge of Egghead Island and its defense systems could prove to be a decisive factor in CP0’s mission to destroy the bodies of Vegapunk. With the information that she possesses, Stussy could guide her fellow CP0 members to the only available escape routes, or she could even tell them how to disarm the security system on Egghead Island. This would force the Vegapunks, the Straw Hats, and Bonney to fight the CP0 agents and Seraphim.

To make matters worse, Kizaru is close to the island, and he is traveling with multiple Navy warships. At the moment, things are not looking good for the heroes, and they must come up with some kind of stratagem to get away from Egghead Island safely. As CP0 holds all the cards, the next chapter becomes even more important.

Can The Straw Hats Win In An All-Out Battle?

If the Straw Hats are left with no other option but to engage the agents of the World Government, it would make for an outstanding fight. The Straw Hats are extremely powerful, and they could have taken on CP0 and Kizaru. However, the Seraphim are too powerful, and facing four of them at the same time is a big ask. The only way to turn the tide in their favor is if one of the bodies of Vegapunk joins the Straw Hats in battle. As all the bodies of Vegapunk outrank CP0, they could command the Seraphim to fight against the assassins.

If things do turn out this way, then the Straw Hats could defeat CP0 and Kizaru. The likes of Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jimbei can take on Kizaru, Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy. Also, the Straw Hats are accompanied by Bonney, who is also a member of the Worst Generation. Basically, if CP0 lose control of the Seraphim again, they stand no chance of winning. So, it all depends on how they take advantage of the position that they’re in. At the moment, the chances of a conflagration happening are slim, as the Straw Hats are only interested in getting away from the island along with Vegapunk and his bodies. So, it will be interesting to see how Oda handles the situation.


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