HotD Season 2 Scene That Will Break Your Heart (And It’s Not Blood and Cheese)

Second chapter of the Dance of the Dragons will definitely have no mercy for fans, but some of the book scenes will absolutely leave you devastated — if they are to be adapted.

If you have not read Fire And Blood and don’t want to spoil what might be coming in House of the Dragon season 2, then beware of the book spoilers that are incoming. If you’re still reading, then you might be one of those who are already preparing themselves for the most dramatic scenes the second season might have up its sleeve.

With fans craving new House of the Dragon content, they can’t help but wonder whether the show will stick to the books or change some in the storyline. And while some people are hopeful that the show will be more merciful towards their favorite characters than the books were, others believe that all major deaths have largely been spoiled already.

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This is why it’s about guessing which scene from the books will bring the most emotional damage to fans. One such sequence is Blood and Cheese, which is already notorious in the fandom even though it is yet to be brought to screens. Another scene fans believe will totally break their hearts is the death of Rhaenys.

Yes, the Queen Who Never Was is not set to survive the Dance of the Dragons — at least that’s the fate George R.R. Martin prepared for her. It’s unclear whether House of the Dragon will follow suit, but fans believe that the scene is just too dramatic to not get included in season 2.

According to the books, Rhaenys and Meleys are set to face off with Aegon on top of Sunfyre and Aemond on Vhagar, even though Rhaenys would know that Meleys stands no chance against the two dragons. The battle would predictably end bad for her, with both her and her dragon crashing down on the ground. The books say that Rhaenys’ body was so blackened people could not even be sure it was her.

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At this point, fans are confident House of the Dragon will only hurt them from now on, and the truth is… they are probably right. Season 2 is due to start filming in March 2023, with HBO set to announce the premiere date later.

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