10 Most Powerful Characters In Wednesday

From Uncle Fester and Morticia Addams to Principal Weems and Xavier, Netflix’s Wednesday featured many powerful and gifted characters.

A split image of Uncle Fester, Wednesday, and Principal Weems

In November 2022, Netflix released one of its most popular shows of all time: the gothic coming-of-age series, Wednesday. Based on Charles Addams’ fan-favorite character, the show follows the eldest Addams child as she attends Nevermore Academy and tries to solve a murder mystery that seems directly linked to her.

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Along the way, Wednesday meets a slew of powerful allies and enemies, each with their own skills and supernatural abilities. While some of them are already powerful outcasts at the beginning of the Netflix show, others slowly discover more about their abilities and grow stronger with every challenge they face.

CBR VIDEO OF THE DAYClose10/10Eugene’s Apikinesis Will Make Him A Strong Opponent In The FutureMoosa Mostafa as Wednesday's friend, Eugene

First introduced as Wednesday’s shy and dorky fellow beekeeping club member, Eugene was a likable and trustworthy character who became one of her best friends and most important allies. Though he remained low-key throughout most of Wednesday, he eventually showed his ability to control bees towards the end of Season 1 when Wednesday was in danger.

Eugene is one of the youngest characters. As such, he has a long way to go before he fully masters his Apikinesis. Still, there’s no denying he will be a formidable opponent in battle when he finally gets a grasp of his powers. Whoever tries to hurt his friends in Season 2 should definitely watch their back.

9/10Enid’s Determination And Werewolf Powers Make Her A Powerful AllyEmma Myers as Enid showing her claws to Wednesday

Enid struggled with self-confidence for most of Season 1, as she had yet to ‘wolf out’ and was often looked down upon for her lack of werewolf powers. After years of failed transformations, she finally turned into her lupine form while looking for Wednesday in the woods, just in time to save the Addams girl from the rapturous Hyde.

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Aside from her superhuman strength and werewolf abilities, Enid is also clever and brave. She was willing to put herself in danger if it meant rescuing her friends from a terrible fate. Since she has just become a full lycanthrope, it will probably take her some time to adapt to her new skills and status, but she’s already on her way to becoming one of Wednesday‘s most powerful characters.

8/10Rowan Made His Mark In Wednesday With His Telekinetic AbilitiesCallum Ross as Rowan, a student at Nevermore Academy in Wednesday.

Rowan may have only appeared in a couple of episodes of Wednesday, but he made his mark in the series with his mysterious backstory and strong Telekinetic powers. The son of a powerful seer, he attempted to fulfill his mother’s last wish to stop Wednesday from destroying the school. However, he was unsuccessful and was murdered by the Hyde early on.

Rowan’s powers seemed to have little to no limitations, making him one of the strongest characters in Wednesday. He was able to lift heavy objects, like a stone gargoyle or Wednesday, and move them in the air with apparent ease. He was also a member of the Nightshades, further showing his psychic prowess.

7/10Tyler Is Physically Strong But Emotionally WeakHunter Doohan as Tyler, a barista who finds an interest in Wednesday in Netflix's Wednesday.

The son of Jericho’s Sheriff Galpin, Tyler was initially presented as Wednesday’s unassuming love interest. Tyler’s loneliness and poor relationship with his father were directly linked to the death of his outcast mother, as the Sheriff continuously refused to talk about her for fear of exposing his son’s heritage.

As a Hyde, Tyler is one of the physically strongest and most intimidating creatures in Wednesday, easily killing normies and other powerful outcasts like Dr. Kinbott and Rowan, respectively. His biggest weakness is his dependence on his ‘master,’ since Tyler is biologically predisposed to following their every order, regardless of his own will.

6/10Wednesday’s Psychic Visions Are A Double-Edged SwordJenna Ortega as Wednesday with Thing on her shoulder

Highly intelligent and inquisitive, Wednesday began experiencing psychic visions sometime after her sixteenth birthday. These mental images are incredibly subjective, seem to give her an unpleasant electroshock, and happen at random, mostly after initiating physical contact. Unlike her mother, who tends to have positive visions, Wednesday is considered a Raven for her negative foresight.

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Since her visions are subjective, Wednesday can choose how to interpret them. This led to several faux pas on her part while she was investigating the Hyde and the Gates family. Psychic power aside, Wednesday is particularly talented at various sports like fencing, archery, and martial arts, and other skills like multilingualism and playing the cello.

5/10Morticia Is A Remarkable Seer And NecromancerCatherine Zeta-Jones as Wednesday's mother, Morticia, in Wednesday.

The matriarch of the Addams family, Morticia is known for her signature black dress, pale makeup, and elegant personality. She’s never shown using her powers in Wednesday, but various characters, including Wednesday and Principal Weems, have commented on her strong psychic and fencing abilities.

Like her daughter, Morticia experiences visions, though hers are of a far more positive nature and have earned her the moniker of ‘Dove’. During her time at Nevermore Academy, she was part of the Nightshades and was the president of the Seance club, which implies that she could also communicate with spirits via necromancy of some kind.

4/10Uncle Fester Is A Lot More Powerful Than He SeemsFred Armison as Wednesday's Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is often used as comic relief, but he’s far more powerful than he might seem. Easily recognizable for his bald head, sunken eyes, and dark tunic, he’s a skilled martial artist who trained under Tibetan monks. He’s also an adept escapologist who can easily escape the police and avoid any enemies.

Fester is also well-known for his Electrokinesis, the unique ability to form and channel electricity throughout his body. This power usually manifests on his palms and fingers and is strong enough to resuscitate other life forms via electroshock, as shown when Thing was attacked by Ms. Thornhill.

3/10Xavier’s Animation Ability Is Both An Advantage And A DetrimentPercy Hynes White as Xavier, a popular Nervermore student

When Wednesday first joined Nevermore Academy, Xavier immediately felt a connection to her and sought to befriend her with less-than-favorable results. Wednesday first thought him to be the Hyde, so she rejected any offer of friendship. However, after Wednesday ruled him out completely, Xavier became a reliable ally and friend.

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A sensitive and artistic soul, Xavier has the rare ability to fully animate his drawings and paintings. This power has worked to both his advantage and detriment in the past, such as the time he tried to impress Wednesday with a spider sketch or when his drawing of the Hyde came to life and attacked him. Xavier also experiences precognitive dreams, though they appear as unstable as Wednesday’s visions.

2/10Bianca Can Manipulate Others With The Power Of Her VoiceJoy Sunday as Bianca, a siren and Wednesday's rival

Known as Nevermore Academy’s ‘It’ girl, Bianca is a powerful siren who considered Wednesday to be her rival before befriending her at the end of Season 1. She descends from a long and prolific line of sirens, which viewers would like to see more of in Season 2. She’s capable of breathing underwater and transforming her legs into a mermaid tail to swim better.

Bianca possesses one of the most dangerous abilities in the school: the Siren Song. She can easily manipulate others with the power of her voice, rendering them powerless and influencing them to do as they’re told. However, she refuses to use this ability unless it’s necessary. Bianca is also a talented swordsman and fencer on par with Wednesday.

1/10Principal Weems Can Fool Most People With Her Shape-ShiftingGwendoline Christie as Nevermore's Principal Weems

Before becoming Nevermore’s principal, Larissa was one of the school’s most dedicated students, doing her best to keep its reputation. Her unrequited love for Gomez Addams put her at odds with Morticia, her fellow student and roommate. This friendly rivalry continued into their adulthood but never hindered Larissa’s goodwill toward Wednesday.

After Rowan’s murder, Larissa was revealed to be a powerful shape-shifter when she took his place to prevent Nevermore from facing scrutiny. This ability allowed her to fool everyone but Wednesday, who discovered her secret and used it as blackmail. In the last episode of Wednesday, Weems sacrificed herself to save the school and her students, though many theorize she could return.

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