Gal Gadot and her casual couture is too hot to handle

Gal Gadot, one of the most popular models in Hollywood never fails to give us goals with her style. She’s been known for her infamous goofy persona to her fans. But it isn’t all that keeps her relevant at the forefront, actually, her classic fashion picks that she brings up.

That being said, here’s when Gal Gadot sparked in some of her best casual labels but also was too hot to handle-

Here’s how Gal Gadot slew in a gorgeous oversized graphic printed green T-shirt teaming it with striped green shorts. She teamed it with a sleek top-knot and minimal makeup. Check out-

The time Gal Gadot was seen in a stunning denim co-Ord set. She wore a blue shirt tucking it into her ripped denim jeans, gorgeous makeover and sleek hair.

Here’s when Gal Gadot picked up on a blue-white striped shirt, topping it with her chic bralette. She wore it on the beach, clubbing it up with black cateye shades and no makeup.

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