The idea of using eggshells as planters.

Eggshells have long been considered a waste product, thrown away without a second thought after breakfast. However, with the rise of sustainable living, people are finding new ways to repurpose everyday items, and eggshells are no exception.

One creative idea is to use eggshells as planters for seedlings. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to start your own garden, and it’s also environmentally friendly. Eggshells are biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about creating unnecessary waste.

To get started, simply save your eggshells after you’ve cracked them open. Rinse them clean and let them dry out for a day or two. Then, fill them with soil and plant your seeds. You can even decorate the eggshells with paint or markers to add a personal touch.

The eggshells provide a natural source of calcium, which is beneficial for the growth of plants. As the seeds germinate and grow, the eggshells will also decompose, providing additional nutrients to the soil.

Using eggshells as planters is a fun and easy way to repurpose a common household item and create a sustainable garden. Give it a try and see how your seedlings flourish!


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