Ayesha Curry Talks About Stephen Curry’s Mood After the Loss to the Lakers

Ayesha Curry made some revelations about Stephen Curry’s mentality during the Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers second-round series, which the Lakers took 4-2, with Stephen Curry losing to LeBron James in one of their last playoff duels.

During an interview published on May 24, Ayesha met with Insider during the Warriors-Lakers series, explaining how her husband was dealing with losses and his mentality against adversity.

“It’s a long series,” she said when Mina Mure asked about Curry’s feelings after losing a five-point game against the Purple and Gold.

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Moreover, she explained that losses are painful for Steph, but he doesn’t let them eat him alive and, in a matter of time, just moves on.

“The wins roll off his back, but the losses roll off, too. He never lingers too long in the stink of a loss,” she says. “He kind of just keeps it moving.”

After winning the 2022 NBA championship, the Golden State Warriors started this season with renewed hopes, but things changed and the team was never able to defend the title. The Jordan Poole and Draymond Green altercation played a big role in this situation, ruining the team’s chances to win another ring.

They were a little better at the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs, but after winning a series against the Kings (with Ayesha trolling their fans), they were dismantled in the West Semis.

Stephen Curry Couldn’t Get Past The Lakers In The Second Round Of The Playoffs 

The Warriors appeared to be ready to at least make it to the Western Conference Finals, but the Los Angeles Lakers had different plans and dominated the Dubs, beating them in six games.

Curry still played at his best level, but the lack of help killed his chances of going past the Lakers. The point guard remains one of the best players in the league and he will be ready to bounce back next season.

The Warriors are involved in many rumors in recent days, with some suggesting they could part ways with Draymond Green and others claiming they could land LeBron James… Only time will tell how the offseason works for the Warriors, but the noise is there, and everybody is paying attention to it.

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