Prefab Minimod Curucaca Cabin In Brazilian Forest

This remote prefab cabin is placed in Brazilian forest and its exterior is done to merge with the surroundings

Little prefab cabins are getting more and more popularity nowadays as everybody wants to escape to nature, unite with it and forget all the worries. Today we are sharing one more cabin that may inspire you to get one, too, as it’s really brings the comfort while connecting you to outside.

Architecture studio MAPA and its prefabricated building company Minimod have completed this residence in Brazil, using black walls and a green roof to help blend in with its remote woodland surrounds.

The residence is a simple, one-storey volume elevated on stilts to rise above the sloped plot. Its compact and efficient design enhances the surroundings of where it is installed and turns them into available landscapes. Details such as a blackened exterior and a grassy roof are intended to complement the natural terrain. There are also large expanses of glass that break up the module to offer views of the surrounding valley. MAPA designed the construction panels from cross-laminated timber – an engineered wood in which slices of wood are layered at right angles and glued together.

While the exterior is finished black, inside nobbly timber boards are left exposed throughout. They feature on the floors, walls and ceiling. The home is based on a compact floor plan with a main living area at its core, and two similarly sized bedrooms are on either side. Both feature bathrooms that can either be accessed from the bedrooms, or from smaller rooms that serve as storage closets.

The central living room includes a dining and sitting area close to each other. Another seating space is defined by a fireplace and bookshelf. A kitchen has black countertops that relate to the home’s stark facade and window frames. Sliding glass doors flank the living zone and lead to covered outdoor patios on either side. These patios can also be accessed from the two bedrooms.

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The cabin is clad with black panels and its roof is grassy to make standing out from the terrain minimal

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The interiors are done with light stained wood and plywood, there are glass walls that bring much light inside

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The interior design is laconic and black touches are added for more drama and contrast in the decor

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The spaces are arranged around the glazed walls to enjoy the views

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The bedroom features nothing but a comfy bed and a view – you won’t need more to unite with nature

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The storage is done sleek and closed, to declutter the spaces

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There’s a narrow deck outside where the owners may sit

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