When Jennifer Lawrence Jokingly Confessed That She Was A ‘Predator’ Who ‘Accidentally’ Hit On Other Women’s Husbands: “I Don’t Ask If People Are Available”

Jennifer Lawrence once developed a crush on an engaged guy and embarrassingly revealed that she was a predator. Read!Jennifer Lawrence Was Once Embarrassed Of Having A Crush On An Engaged Man & Jokingly Called Herself A ‘Predator’

Jennifer Lawrence is one goofy actress who can make anyone laugh with her wits and charm. She is always candid about her thoughts, which makes her funnier, and her fans love her more. It’s always wonderful to watch the actress’s interviews because she assures that everyone – the interviewer and her fans – have a great time. During one such interview, Jen shared an interesting story of developing a crush on Seth Meyers. It made her call herself a ‘predator’ who hit on married men.

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While the actress is happily married to Cooke Maroney and is a mama to an adorable baby boy, she once had a crush on Meyers. She revealed it during an interview, and interestingly, she was only 23 back then.

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Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the Late Night Show in 2015 and revealed that she had a crush on Seth Meyers when she was shooting for Saturday Night Live in 2013. While she had planned to ask the comedian out, she was later told that he was engaged. It was then that the actress realised that she had to first learn about a person’s relationship status before making a move on them. In fact, she jokingly added that she was like a ‘predator’ who hit on other women’s husbands. An Instagram page called Onemintalk_ shared a clip from the interview, and it was hilarious.

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