FC Annecy players mimicked Kylian Mbappé’s (24) celebrations following the club’s shock Coupe de France victory over Olympique de Marseille on Wednesday.

Mid-table Ligue 2 side Annecy shocked Les Phocéens on Wednesday night. In front of a packed Vélodrome crowd, they beat Marseille on penalties (7-6) after the home side had given themselves a lifeline in normal time. François-Régis Mughe scored a 96th-minute equaliser before Leonardo Balerdi missed the decsivie spot-kick.

The defeat came just days after Paris Saint-Germain beat Marseille at the Vélodrome. Following that result, Mbappé was videoed in the dressing room, congratulating his teammates and shouting “That’s a day’s work.”

Annecy coach Laurent Guyot after shock Coupe de France win at Marseille:  “This is why we do this job.” – Get French Football News

The Annecy squad imitated that reaction in the very same dressing room after Wednesday’s shock victory. “Oh Kyky (Mbappé), you don’t do the work, this is a day’s work,” said one player as he entered the dressing room. Other players then also mimicked the celebration as they entered the dressing room, repeating Mbappé’s mantra after a memorable and famous victory at the Vélodrome.

Kylian Mbappe decides to remain at PSG for this season: Reports | Football  News


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