Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Replacing Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise?

One of the most famous people in the world is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He has previously appeared in a number of films and series. He most recently became a part of the DC Extended Universe through his depiction of Black Adam in the corresponding film.

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The film did not perform as well as anticipated, though. However, there is still room in the future for a second Black Adam. The former WWE Superstar appears to be set to appear in yet another franchise, though. If speculations are accurate, he will take up Johnny Depp’s major role in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and join another successful franchise.

Johnny Depp played the role of the quirky Captain Jack Sparrow in the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He reprised the role from 2003 to 2017, starring in five movies. However, the ties between him and Disney have since been severed, prompting them to look for a replacement.

Dwayne Johnson Pirates of the Caribbean

Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Replacing Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise?According to Giant Freakin’ Robot, Johnny Depp has been replaced by Dwayne Johnson in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. However, neither Disney nor the WWE star turned actor has confirmed the news so far.

Following an op-ed written by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Depp was removed from Pirates of the Caribbean. During the defamation trial against his ex-wife, the actor claimed that Disney cut ties with him to avoid backlash from his reputation as a wife beater, and they wanted to play it safe.

Johnny Depp đã muốn cho Jack Sparrow một "Lời tạm biệt thích hợp" | VTV.VN

Depp went on to win the defamation trial and cleared his name. However, he decided not to return to the franchise even if they offered him “$300 million and a million alpacas.”

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of the sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean, was asked if there was a chance for Johnny Depp to be brought back into the fold. He replied:

“Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.”

Johnny Depp became Jack Sparrow for a day to surprise 11-year-old fanThe 59-year-old donned Captain Jack Sparrow’s costume once again in December last year. But it was not for a movie. Instead, he did so to honor the wish of an 11-year-old superfan named Kori. Depp collaborated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make the little boy’s dreams come true.

The actor sent a pre-recorded video of himself in the costume and mannerisms of everyone’s favorite pirate, where he declared himself Kori’s number one fan.

You can watch the video here:

Depp video called Kori a few days later as Jack Sparrow once again and remained in character, hilariously acting perplexed with the technology that facilitated the interaction.

This may very well be the last time fans see him as Jack Sparrow, considering his stance on portraying the character on the big screen. If anything, however, it speaks to Depp’s dedication to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, with whom he has worked for more than 30 years, and his support for their cause.

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